About Us

The Montessori Journey is a family-run centre located in the beautiful bayside suburb of Wynnum – approximately 15 kilometres from Brisbane’s CBD. We opened our doors to the children and their families on the 29th of January 2002. We hope that the information here will help you get started on your path to choosing the best school for your family.

Our Montessori centre has three cycle-one classrooms set up to provide a quality educational program for children aged from 3 to 6 years of age. Our centre offers full and part-time positions.  We offer a two-week free transitional period, the timing and approach of which will be discussed with you upon enrollment.

Our centre is very proud to have been nominated for the award in Education Training and Tuition in the bayside area which we have been a finalist or have won this award since 2002.  In 2011 our centre won the award for Family and Child Services for the Bayside area. We have also been put in the Hall of Fame for our achievements.  2012 sees our centre as a finalist in the Child and Family Services category.

Kindergarten Program

The Montessori Journey is approved to run the Kindergarten program within a Montessori environment.  We follow the kindergarten guidelines as set out by the regulated department. Our Teachers are fully Qld Registered teachers who are also trained in Montessori. See more information of approved kindergarten programs here.

Our Other Proud Moments:


  • Asked to take part in the pilot program in the Early Learning Framework which is the system implemented in the Early Childhood sector throughout Australia.
  • Nominated and chosen to take part in the television commercial, radio, posters and brochures for the Queensland Government for the  Kindergarten program. This was quite an experience for all our families, children and staff.  First viewing of the commercial was March 2011.


  • Award for Family and Child Services for the Bayside area.

2012 – 2013

  • Approved to run a kindergarten program. Please note we follow the kindergarten guidelines within the Montessori environment.
  • The centre was very proud to be asked to take part in the 2nd phase of the television commercial for the Kindergarten program filmed with Jay Laga’aia.
    Finalist in the Child and Family Services category.


Once again the Montessori Journey was asked to take part with the families and children for the Television Commercial for the Kindergarten program run by the Federal Government. It was very exciting for all that attended.

One of the things that makes our centre different from others in the area is our application of the Montessori program. We offer children a strong foundation for the preparation of their lives ahead. We run a challenging curriculum in a peaceful environment and strive to offer not only a joyful educational experience for the children but also a supportive school community for the entire family.  Our aim is to create a learning environment that is child-centred and adult-guided where the atmosphere is orderly and calm. Our environment is one where children feel confident to explore and attempt new skills without fear of judgment or failure.

The Montessori method uses specialized materials and a philosophy that nurtures the spirit of the child. If we can offer any assistance or provide additional information as you make this important decision please call us and we will answer questions you may have.

For more detailed information on the Montessori method and learning materials used at our centre please visit What is Montessori? and In the Classroom.