Daily Fee

$115.00* per day

Waiting List

A $10* non-refundable Waitlist Fee will be charged with the submission of your Waitlist form.


You will be charged a $25* non-refundable enrolment fee with the acceptance of your place at our centre. You will receive a Parent Handbook and a T-shirt or Hat when your child starts. T-shirts and skivvies can be purchased for $12 each and sun hats are $10.


A two-week full-fees bond must be paid and is held until your child leaves the centre. This is calculated on the days your child attends in the two weeks.


Fees can only be paid by Debit Success direct debiting fortnightly or per term, in advance. The parent/guardian agrees that the direct debiting amount can be changed without notice only by administration staff and only for changes with your Childcare Rebate (CCR) late fees, extra days taken, and arrears retrieval; For any other reasons the parent will be notified. Fees paid by credit card will incur a fee. Please retain all receipts for reference purposes.

*Parents will be notified when there is a fee rate change

Please Note:
  • All fees for permanently booked children must include payment for public holidays, RDO days, sick days, and vacations.
  • No make-up sessions are available for children unable to make their scheduled days of attendance.
  • Fees for dishonoured cheques will be charged to the parents.
  • Fees must be paid by the due date or a $20 late fee will apply.
  • If fees accumulate your child’s place may be withdrawn. A debt collector will be contacted which will affect your credit rating as the CRAA will be informed.

(Information sourced from the Queensland Government and Department of Human Services)

It is a legal requirement that all children must be signed in on their arrival and signed out on their departure on a daily basis. The centre now uses the digital sign in which is linked to My Gov. These signatures are the means by which you will continue to receive the rebates.  These attendance records are also used to check attendance in the case of an emergency (e.g. fire).

If your child is absent and you are receiving the rebate it is still necessary to digitally sign in as soon as your child returns to the centre indicating the reason for their absence. 42 absent days are allowed per financial year before full fees will be charged by Centrelink.

(Information sourced from the Queensland Government and Department of Human Services)

The Federal Government has set priority guidelines for the Child Care Rebate. The main priority for a place in a centre is for working parents, those seeking work, and students. This amount of childcare benefit depends on your joint gross weekly income, which is assessed through the Family Assistance Office (FAO). Families can contact the FAO on 13 61 50.

If you are applying for child care assistance we advise parent’s to apply for a CRN and FRN which is done through Centrelink. We need both of these reference numbers and date of birth for your child and the primary parent/guardian who is applying or claiming the CCB.

The centre’s CRN is F01-6LQ-51. You may need to quote this to the FAO when linking your child to the CCB.


Our Centre is involved with the JET Program


The JET program stands for “Jobs, Education and Training” and is income means-tested. The program is run through Centrelink and helps pay the parent part of the fees. Please ring Centrelink directly for more information.