We are a privately owned family centre with a contact Director who is also the licensee.

“I am more than happy to see you about any management queries, staffing, your child, the building, or equipment maintenance, or any other matter relating to the centre.” – Director, The Montessori Journey

If you require an in-depth appointment this can be arranged for a mutually convenient time. Any queries regarding fees can also be directed to the management. If management needs to consult with a parent about anything you will either get a phone call, a note in your child’s pocket, or personally spoken with when at the centre.


All staff within the centre comply with the the Office for Early Childhood Education and Care Queensland and comply with their qualification regulations. We have a total of around 10 staff; This includes administration staff, Montessori early childhood teachers and assistants, maintenance, and casuals. 

All teaching staff in the Montessori Journey have traditional qualifications e.g. Cert 3, Diploma, Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services, or are registered teachers, and also hold extra qualifications in the Montessori method of education or are presently training in it. The Montessori Journey teaching program uses various methods of teaching your child – the main one is using the self-correcting, self-motivating, hands-on learning materials. All Staff are also certified in First Aid, CPR, Asthma and Anaphylaxis, or may be in the process of updating their qualifications.


There are opportunities for confidential discussions between staff and families. Please feel free to ask and a suitable time will be arranged. Parent/Teacher interviews will be held on request either by the child’s family or the teacher to discuss your child’s development and progress.

Other methods and times of communication between parent’s/guardians and teachers are:

  • A suggestion/comments slot through the reception desk.
  • Our annual Christmas function.
  • Notices on the notice board. Please take the time to read any notices on our notice board.
  • A newsletter.

Staff rosters change weekly – some daily – so that all staff have regular opportunities to share information with families about the child’s progress/interest, experiences, and significant events during pick-up and drop-off times. We encourage all parents with any concerns or suggestions to express them (no matter how small). We are all working together in the best interest of your child.

Parent Participation and feedback

Parents are invited to stay and watch their child at work once they have settled in their room. Staff are delighted when parents give their time and expertise to enrich our program. We have a parent roster in each classroom and ask that there be no more than one parent at a time observing their child in a room.

If you or a family member has any skills, talents, or an interest that you would like to share with the children we would love to hear from you! We are always seeking your views to encourage family participation and involvement in our Centre.

Recommened reading for parents/guardians

  • The Secret of Childhood by Maria Montessori (ISBN 978-0345305831)
  • The Absorbent Mind by Maria Montessori (ISBN 978-0805041569)
  • Discovery of the Child by Maria Montessori (ISBN 978-0345336569)
  • The Montessori Method by Maria Montessori (ISBN 978-1481016926)
  • Montessori Play and Learn by Lesley Britton (ISBN 978-0517591826)
  • Teaching Montessori in the Home by Elizabeth Hainstock (ISBN 978-0452279094)
  • Nurturing the Spirit by Aline D.Wolf (ISBN 978-0939195176)